Expert Smart Trend

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Expert Smart Trend MT4

The Expert Advisor uses the trend-based trading system using the Envelopes and CCI indicators, and each indicator uses up to five different periods to calculate trends. The Expert Advisor uses economic news to calculate a continuous price movement.

Built-in intelligent adaptable profit-taking filter.

The Expert Advisor is optimized separately for each currency and timeframe.


Economic news is used.

The Expert Advisor does not require all the ticks in the history. For quick testing, use:

  • Tick ​​modeling methods:
    • Checkpoints (the closest timeframe is used)  or  By opening prices (fast method on formed bars) .

Pairs and timeframes

  • Optimized on the following pairs:
    1. EURUSD M5.
    2. GBPUSD M5.
    3. GBPJPY M5.
    4. USDCHF M5.
    5. USDJPY M5.
    6. AUDUSD M5.
    7. GBPAUD M5.


  • It is recommended to install the adviser on one chart, in the settings you can enable and disable currencies.
  • The minimum recommended balance (when used on 7 currency pairs) is $ 1000 or $ 10 on a cent account.
  • Broker with five-digit quotes.
  • VPS.


  • EURUSD / M5  - if true, the currency is EURUSD M5;
  • ...
  • GBPAUD / M5  - if true, the currency is GBPAUD M5;
  • Symbols_Prefix (Suffix) _Name  - enter ONLY the prefix (suffix) if the broker uses it in the symbol name (for example: "m." (". M") if the name of the pair is "m.EURUSD" ("EURUSD.m)) ;
  • Custom_Risk  - if true, the lot size increases with an increase in the account balance (risk management);
  • User_Balance  - user balance;
  • Lot on every  - lot size for each - User_Balance;
  • Fixed_Lot  - permanent lot (if Custom_Risk is false);
  • Adaptation_Lot_for_each_Symbols  - if true, the lot is adapted for each symbol (if the position is closed by stop-loss, then the loss will be the same for all currency pairs);
  • Order Type  - trade directions;
  • Slippage  - slippage before the order is triggered;
  • Show_Info_Panel  - information panel (false - fast backtest);
  • Show_additional_panel  - use the information panel for the profit indicator for each month, only for backtest;
  • Adaptation of the spread to the stop loss  - adaptation of the stop-loss under the spread;
  • Max Spread  - maximum allowed spread;
  • Stop strategy trend  - disable trading with a trend for a certain time (from 5 minutes to 24 hours) if the average spread has exceeded Max_Spread;
  • Filter economic news:
    • use_high (medium / low) _news  - trading on high / medium / low news;
    • News_update_every_N_minutes  — news updates every N minutes;
    • The colors of the news lines on the chart;
      • Show time on lines  - show time for news lines;
      • Style / width_Lines  - style / width of lines.

Trade within a week:

  • Monday  - if true, we trade on Monday;
  • ...
  • Friday  - if true, trade on Friday.

Intraday trading:

  • Use time  - if true, trading is on time;
  • GMT setting  - GMT settings;
  • GMT Auto (only for real)  - automatic GMT shift (not for the tester);
  • GMT Mode  - manual setting;
  • GMT_mode  - the mode of determining the broker server time offset relative to GMT (0 - disabled);
  • Every_Day_Start  - time to start work (hh: mm);
  • Every_Day_End  - end time (hh: mm).

Friday Shutdown Time:

  • Use time  - if true, trading is on time;
  • Disable_in_Friday  - end time on Friday (hh: mm).

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