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IQOption | How I Earned $153,000 to Buy a Car of My Dreams in Just Four Months [Detailed Instruction]

Do you have enough money? Do you have everything you've been dreaming of? Are you happy with how your life is going? If the answer is 'Yes', then just don't waste your time and close this page.

Those who answered 'No', go on reading. I'll tell you how to quit your annoying full time job and start earning $200 or $300 a day just in 2 days, from the comfort of your home.

I succeeded in it, and if you want, you'll be successful, too! It won't hurt me if I share this secret with you, while it will help some of you to change your life for good and finally become financially free.

First, a couple of words about myself. My name is Kusum Panja. I'm 26, I live in undefined and I'm just an ordinary girl from a family, which cannot by any means be called 'rich'. I was born to middle-aged parents. My Mom was a nurse at a clinic, while my Dad was a dump truck driver.

When a girl, all I remember was that my parents made every effort to buy the cheapest food and clothes possible. If they were lucky enough, they would save up a bit for vacation. We even could go to Boracay once in 3 or 4 years.

Once graduated from high school, I didn't even think about going to college, as I needed to earn money for my parents (already retired) and myself.

So I found a job instead, worked as a sales assistant, with a monthly salary around ₹4000. It was 2008, and this was quite a good salary in undefined.

I made enough money for living, but I had a dream, which was to buy a brand new Mercedes Benz. I knew it was super expensive and I'd have to save up for years. However, this was fine with me. After all, it was a dream, and you just can't make your dream come true in a day or two. Well, this is what I thought at the time...

In a few years, the financial crisis came. It was December 2007, prices jumped up, people were in panic. I actually had nothing to lose, so I just went on working as usual...

However, 3 months more passed, and the children wear shop I worked at turned bankrupt, so here I was, with no job nor income sources at all, having to live on my parents' savings.

These were actually very sad times. I was looking desperately for any possible job opportunity on the Internet, but after nearly two months, there were no results at all.

Another two weeks passed, and I was about to abandon all hope, then suddenly I looked into a web page. This was a story about a guy who had earned $5,000 online, in front of his computer, without even leaving the house he lived in!

He said he had traded binary options via OlympTrade.

I felt dizzy. Could it be the opportunity I'd been looking for, the one that comes up once in a lifetime?

At first, I hardly understood anything, but I went on reasearching more info, websites, forums, blogs, and other sources on this topic, and, eventually, I became quite knowledgeable in it. I felt so happy that I even remember this now. It was so exciting to think I became an expert and could now start earning cash online...

Now, let's put my story aside for a bit, as I also want you to know what I'm talking about. I'm going to tell you what are binary options, in a nutshell, so that you don't have to research dozens of websites, just like I did. I'll just save you a lot of time and effort.

Binary options are a complete way of earning in the financial markets, which is very simple, quick, and extremely effective. You probably know what financial markets are venues where currencies, such as the dollar, the euro, or the pound, are are traded 24/7, and with no breaks or days off whatsoever.

What you need to do is just open a free account on a binary options website (a broker website), then make a deposit, select an investment amount and predict where the price (for example, the US dollar exchange rate) will go in a few minutes or hours.

There are only two options available: High or Low. The trade may last for any time from 1 minute to 3 hours (the expiry time), and you may select any time frame in between. If your prediction is correct, your investment amount is nearly doubled; if it is wrong, well, you just lose your investment amount.

So, this will actually be your job if you follow my instructions. This is called 'traing', and a person who works in such a way is called a 'trader'. As a trader, you can work any time wherever you are, all you need is a computer with stable internet connection. As you see, it's pretty simple, even a 10-year-old would understand how it works!

When I finally became fully knowledgeable about the process, I got so excited that I knew I needed to try it out right away.

I signed up for a free account at OlympTrade, the same broker that the guy wrote his story about. Later, I learnt this was indeed one of the best binary options brokers on the net.

Once I opened my account, I got $10,000 in demo credits, very handy for testing and practising. This is also absolutely free for all.

So I started trading with these virtual credits, and just in a single hour I made a 11,000 profit! Of course, these were just demo credits, while I was hunting for real cash. Well, you can't do that without depositing, and with OlympTrade, this is not an issue at all, as you've got many deposit options, such as major credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) and e-wallets.

I made a deposit the very same day using my old Visa card, which I used while I still worked at the shop. I decided to invest a small amount first, and this is a great advantage of OlympTrade, as you can start trading with as low as $30! Well, this is an amount even I could afford at the time.

I had hardly traded for an hour with my real cash when my account balance rose to $64. This was really incredible!!! My heart was about to burst, and I could hardly breathe! The only thing I could think of was: Ngiyabonga Jesu! I MADE IT!!!

I didn't sleep at all that night, and by the next day I already had $197 on my account. Yes, that's right, a hundred and ninety-seven US dollars!!! With just $30 I had deposited the day before. I couldn't believe it!!! I would have been stuck to my computer forever and ever, but I still needed to get some sleep, so I just headed to bed, while every step cost me effort.

Once I woke up at around 9AM, I logged into my account first thing. $197 were still there. Not a dream, then!

For the whole next day, I was completely stuck to my PC, and at midnight my account balance was at $473!!! I think I will remember this number forever, as this was my first serious success.

Look, $473-$197 makes $276, this is how much I earned in 12 hours. I had not earned such an amount in less than a day before!

That night, before going to bed, I made a withdrawal request to cash out $200 on my Visa card. Before I fell asleep I was still wondering whether this all was real...

I woke up in the morning when I got a text on my cell. This was my bank informing me on $200 credited on my account. $200!!! Just arrived on my card!!!

The day before, after making a mobile payment and an Olymp Trade deposit, there had been less than $10 left. And then – $200...It worked!!!

This was a great day, the greatest of all in the last few years.

Next week, I earned more than $5,000, in two months, $16,000+ more, in other two months, around $55,000, and then I could finally afford a brand new Mercedes Benz at $153,000!!! The car of my dreams, the dreams that had been almost forgotten...

Yes, I had to take out $20,000 loan, but with my earnings this was quite manageable. Just in two more month I was able to pay that loan back. 

Look, here I am with my Mercedes Benz. Right on the day I bought it.

Now, while typing this post, I'm just trying to remember it all over again... How did I make it? And the answer is quite simple: I just believed in myself! First, I found an opportunity, and then I believed I could make money just like that guy on the web page. And that's it!

So, you need to believe you'll be able to make it, too. This is very important, as you won't achieve anything without it. Never ever! If you don't believe in yourself, you'll start thinking all the best moments in your life are already gone. And this will be the case, if you keep thinking that way...

If you are hopeless and do not trust anything or anybody, you won't be able to spot your life changing opportunity.

Try to look for such an opportunity everywhere, in every event that happens around you, in every person you meet, in every story you read on the net... Just everywhere! Always try to use these opportunities, they are totally yours! And then you'll finally make it!!!

For some reason, I had always believed I will be be able to buy the car of my dreams. And I did buy it! I didn't save up, just bought it, as I had enough money to pay it. I've got an income source that will never be exhausted; quite the reverse: it brings more and more money every single minute! And yes, I no longer have to report to any boss or work long hours without even a chance to sit down, as it was before.

I make more money in a single day than I used to make in a month. And I feel incredibly free!!!

Was that actually a miracle? Could be. But still, it happened, so it was real. I just read an article, believed i myself and made a decision. This is how I made it!

Oh well, enough memories for now, as I'm already going quite off-topic...

Now, it is time to reveal the MOST EXCITING SECRET to those who are still there. I'm going to provide you with detailed instructions on what to do next.

This is specially for you, in case you want to do something about your financial issues, to stop constantly thinking about money, and to start living a life of joy. I'll tell you what you need to right now, step by step, and even using some pics.

First, read it all through, up to the end, and then go back to Step 1 and start to act!

  1. First, you've got to open an account with a broker, which is completely FREE. Go to OlympTrade website by clicking here.
  2. Enter your email and password into the application form, then click Sign Up.
  3. Congrats, you've just opened your account!

    You'll be shown 9 tips explaining you what's in your account. I recommend reading them all. To go to the next tip, click the yellow NEXT STEP button.

    At Step 6, you'll have to predict the currency price direction. This is actually what you'll be now doing on a regular basis. Try clicking  the green HIGHbutton or the red one, which is LOW.

    Go on reading the tips and clicking the NEXT STEP button until there are no more tips left.

  4. All the next steps are quite straghtforward, too:

    1. Select a currency pair, the one you'll be using to predict the price direction. For example, select EUR/USD. So, you'll be predicting the price for one euro in US dollars.
    2. Select the expiry time, after which the currency rate will be compared to your prediction. The minimum expiry time is 1 minute. I recommend using either 1 minute or 5 minutes.
    3. Enter the investment amount. The minimum amount per trade is just $1.
    4. To make your prediction, click High or Low. You will be asked to confirm your trade. If you want to stop seeing this confirmation dialog and enable one-click trading, tick the relevant checkbox. To enable trade confirmation again, see settings.
  5. To earn real money, you'll need to fund your account. This can be done easily using major credit cards (Visa or Master Card) as well as e-wallets, such as Skrill, Webmoney, Qiwi, or Neteller.

    You'll be redirected to the Select Deposit Method window:

    Now, here's the most exciting thing. OlympTrade is running a promotion right now. If you deposit $30, $50 or $200 on your trading account within an hour's time after you've opened it, you'll get your initial deposit doubled!

    Remember, this is just within an hour's time after you've opened your account, so make haste!

    Depositing is very easy: select your preferred deposit method, enter the amount, click the DEPOSIT button and follow the instructions appearing on your screen.

Well, that's it. Once you've made a deposit, go to Step 5 and start earning real cash!

Stop wasting your time, just go for it! Start trading today, and just in two-month's time you'll be taking a vacation somewhere in the Maldives, in a 5-star hotel near a fantastic sandy beach! Or perhaps you'll prefer to buy a house of your dreams, or a super car... The choice is absolutely yours, as you're now completely free...

No more debts, no more disgraceful living paycheck to paycheck!


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Bhavabhuti Kumar

Panja, why on Earth did you go all in? $400 in one trade, seriously??? Don't invest more than 2%, just as Vakpati Chadda says. So, you needed to invest 2% of $400, which is $8. No more than that! If you've got $30 on your account, then don't invest more than $1. The most reliable strategy is funding your account with a minimum deposit, $30, and invest $1 per trade. I read this article and comments the day before and decided to try ir myself. Deposit $30, and well, it didn't work for me either... I was shocked and thought this had been another form of scam.... However, I tried once again, this time with $50, and yeah, got $100 in a couple of hours. I'm not a gambler, so I went on trading yesterday, and hit it again. Now my balance is $339 :) Not so cool as Kusum Panja says, but still not bad at all! 

Manasa Adwani

Doesn't work for me:( Deposited ₹2000, got ₹2000 bonus, and then went all in. My prediction was incorrect, and so I lost ₹4000:(

Arpit Gulati

I've been trading for two years, but this has never been so easy as it is now. Don't miss your chance!

Sita Ayyangar

Yes, it does really work. I deposited $400, now my balance is $876!!! This is the easiest earning method I've tried so far. Kusum Panja, I love you!!!!!

Nupur Barigai

I respect people like you so much! Wish you all the best

Vakpati Chadda

Even if you follow the trend exactly, you will have some losing trades, that's fine. You can't be always a winner, no trader in the whole world can boast of that! You can have losing hours or even days, and you will have losses, as well as profits. Just follow a simple rule: don't invest more than 2% of your balance. So, if you've got ₹5000 on your account, don't invest more that ₹100. The most difficult thing in trading is emotional control, not predicting. Remember: you'll have opportunities tomorrow, and next week, and next year.

Aasiya Mallaya

Viswan, this is completely up to you. I trade binary options, too, and I can tell you one can make money on it.

Vikas Viswan

This is just bulshit. I earn ₹16.000 monthly in my job, and I'm fine with it. Not too much, of course, but quite stable.

Zohana Dayal

I deposited $250 yesterday using my credit card (no interest for 30 days). At 7PM, I placed my first trade with $30 investment amount. At 10 PM, my account balance was $630. So I paid the $250 loan back and got $380 profit in just 3 hours. Just fancy that! Thanks so much, Kusum Panja!

Jeet Sarkar

Hey folks! I made just a single trade today and earned $430. It does work!!!

Srijan Pandey


Rishu Barigai

Just wanna tell you $200 or $250 a day is not the maximum. I've been trading binary options for as little as 6 months, and I still earn $400 per day or even more! I trade more than 10 hours a day, though...

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