How to Choose a Best Forex Broker?

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Main Parameters  to Check Before Choosing a Good Forex Broker 

1.  Regulations/ Licenses

We advise you to only choose brokers authorized and regulated by leading regulation authorities like CFTC, NFA, FSA.
Why? It indicates a broker’s reliability and will protect your money.
Plus500 and AvaTrade are good examples for fully regulated online brokers.

2. Easy to Use Forex Trading Platform

Online Forex trading needs to be simple, intuitive and easy to trade. A good User Interface is important., Plus500, and eToro have the best forex trading platforms in the industry for beginners.

3.  Customer Support

This is a key point. Good and efficient support is a must because you are probably going to use it.
We advise you to communicate a bit with brokers’ customer service reps before depositing.
Ask a few questions by mail or over the phone before opening an account.
Get a feeling for the speed of service as well as its quality and availability. 

eToro, 4XP, and FXCM all provide fast, high-quality support.

4.  Leverage Options

Different Forex brokers offer different leverages.
The higher the leverage you use, the more profit you can potentially make, but the higher risk you will take also.
That’s why there is no best level of leverage, it depends on your trading style.
There are some brokers that offer up to x100, x200 and even more in some cases.

5.  First Deposit Bonus

Each broker wants to attract you with high capital bonuses on your first deposit.
In this case, you get extra money to trade with. There are a few brokers offering great starting bonuses. eToro also runs some very attractive promotions.

6.  Deposits and withdrawals

You need to pay attention to the broker policy regarding withdrawals.
Check out the waiting time for your withdrawals and other written policies.

7. Trading Costs

Brokers make money through the fees traders pay. A significant source of revenue (for your broker) and operating expense (for you – the trader) will be the spread –
the price difference between the bid and ask prices.

Know how your broker handles spreads:

  • Are spreads fixed or variable?
  • What is the average (and MAX) spread for each of the currency pairs you plan to trade?
  • What are the spreads during times of high volatility?
  • Are there commissions per trade, in addition to the spread. FXCM and eToro all offer fixed spreads.

8. Demo Account

Have you ever bought a car without taking it for a test drive, first? We certainly hope not.
Likewise, you should open a practice account with any broker you are planning to trade with.
Almost all brokers now offer practice accounts, which let you get a feel for the broker before committing any money.
It allows you to practice on virtual money before you decide to start trading your real capital.
It also allows you to test the broker’s trading platform. 
Plus500 offers unlimited demo accounts for their customers. 

Additional Parameters for Choosing the Best Forex Broker

Account Minimums

Some brokerages offer rock-bottom account minimums. You don’t need to deposit high capital anymore, in order to trade Forex.


Online brokers will try to snag your business by offering promotions. Cash and prizes are all part of the game.


The educational services your broker provides will aid in your mastery of the Forex market.  Most brokers offer a variety of educational tools to assist in a trader’s assessment of the Forex market. 

In conclusion

Choosing the best Forex broker could make the difference between making money and losing money. Make sure you choose the broker that will provide you the best possible environment to succeed in. Above all, a broker that you can trust.

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