What is the Differences Between Automated and Manual Trading?

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Forex is an international financial market where traders exchange currency and earning money on the growth or fall of those currencies.

The basis of trade is selling or buying of so-called currency pairs - for example EUR/USD. This means that the euro is bought or sold for dollars. If you think that the euro will grow in relation to the dollar, you make a deal, and if you were right - you earn money. If the euro went down you will lose money. Remember, that you can control the amount of funds that you will earn or lose in case if you were right or wrong.

In order to start trading at the Forex market, you must first choose a broker. More about this you can read here.

After choosing the best Forex broker, you need to decide how you will trade - manually or with the help of Forex robots (automated trading).

Manual trading means that trader need to monitor the market himself, make deals by himself. This method is very time consuming and risks are pretty high, which is not suitable for everybody. When you are making deals manually, you need to be very careful to all the parameters that can affect the positive outcome of the current trade.

Automated trading is done by Forex robots (advisors) and signals. This is very convenient option if you don’t want to be involved in the process. If you don’t know how to trade Forex with the robots, detailed instructions can be found here.

For manual trading, you need to know and understand a lot, be into the details of the Forex market, you need to be a professional in this field. Automated trading is done by special programs that were written by the real professionals, so when you are buying good, quality EA advisor - you literally buying all the knowledge and experience of the trader who wrote it

The robot decides to buy or sell currency basing just only on the objective data. Robot is not affected by emotions, has no fear if the price has gone down. A trader can panic, can make big mistakes because he often bases his decision on subjective assumption.

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