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You can pay through Paypal. It is safe and secure. If you need help, just drop a email.

Why is this product in discount?
This product is offered in high discount because it doesn't contain any vendor services (eg. support, updates, insider forum, members area access, etc).
The offer includes the actual product only without any additional services.

Is the product original and working?
Yes, it is original and working as the developers designed them to work.
But please note, as we are not the developer of the products, we are not responsible for the performance or claims of the developers of these systems.
Please do your due diligence so you know what you are purchasing, there are dozens of good forums and review sites on the internet that you can get unbiased info from.

Will you help me using it?
You will get the product with it’s user manual. It should contain all necessary information on how to install and use it.


Software access information will be delivered automatically to your email address in 15 minutes after ordering.The email will come from 'fxtradingtools2018@gmail.com/bestforexearobotdownload@gmail.com'. It might land in your spam folder, so please check your spam folder too.If you can’t find the access information, please drop us a line with order number through email and We will check your order.No need to send multiple messages, We always reply in 24hrs.

Your download instructions are sent in the automatic order confirmation email you receive from my shop (not from Paypal) right after order made. It might be in your spam folder, so please check your spam folder before contacting me about the missing download link. I’d also recommend you to add my email address to your mailbox’s safe list to make sure order delivery emails won’t get lost in the future.
Please don’t use Comcast or Version email address when you place your order as these providers block emails from my domain. If you use Comcast or Version email address, all my emails will bounce back and I won’t be able to contact you at all. Please use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other provider instead.
If you still can’t find your download link, please drop us a line and will check your order. No need to send multiple emails, we always reply within 24hrs.
Is FREE Products are coming with full package or updated one?

Sometimes we offer a huge discount Or Free Product To Customers.
Please Be Notice, That This Offer Does Not Include All Full Description of the Product.
It may or may not available and it may or may not work,it's just the basic package, So the customer can try for free.


Choose an Ecn broker, with an Ecn account,Having low spreads is imperative, to hope to win the market, Having high spreads, without any reason, definitely compromises your trading, it can transform winnings into losses
Start with a demo account, this is important to see if the EA works well and correctly. It is also very important to become familiar with Ea. Also very important to test the various Set files, the various risk profiles, etc…
Use Low Risk, it's important to use low risk, to really understand how much Drawdown involves the use of an Ea. Many people use excessive risk and then become frightened in the face of DD.
Therefore, remember to Deactivate the Autolot and to use lots 0.01 initially (and test Autolot risk first in demo).
Many traders believe that Money Management is the secret to success in trading and in life.
Always remember to use the correct timeframe and Pairs, or to test new “experiments” first in demo
Remember that higher operating frequency, does not mean more money.
Your platform must remain open all day and all night. (24 hours on 24)
I recommend using a VPS, this can be more convenient than keeping the PC open (electricity could cost more) and it is also safer.

Thank you for your interest in our products.